Future iPhones and their cool new audio technology


Every gadget freak must be aware of the new audio technology on the iPhone. As of now, we have encountered many iPhones with updated features. Recent iPhone has come up with sport dual cameras with an ultra-wide lens, a 6.1-inch Liquid Retina display. Coming to the coolest point, the iPhone has also amazed the audio fans with spatial audio support through Dolby Atmos

Few individuals may not have an idea about the Dolby Atmos sound system. Beyond the traditional surround sound, there are few hypes in this particular sound system. It has several channels and every sound becomes mapped. The spatial audio means that every sound becomes mapped to a location in the space. 

Individuals especially iPhone folks are eagerly waiting for the next update from Apple. We all know that Dolby Atmos is not new. We had them for the last five years in different forms too. They have radically changed things in a better way. 

Apple iPhone’s future audio system 

Your wait is over!! Here is an important update regarding the audio system of the next iPhone release. 

Apple iPhones are the most advanced smartphones that have stolen the hearts of millions of gadget lovers. In the smartphone market, the iPhone has special fan followers and buyers too. The company leaves no stones unturned when it comes to a new product launch. In bringing new features and technologies, Apple has made its cakewalk. 

A new report hints that the company has been working with the cool new technology that will amazingly bring cheers to the audio quality of the iPhone. To improve the audio quality, the iPhone has decided to unfold the things prior. 

In the recently published Apple patent, the company describes that it has been bringing a binaural recording to its future iPhone models. To get some ideas about technology, let us leap more into it. 

The binaural recording of sounds may lead to a full 3D sound capture. The devices with this sort of sound may experience an ultimate level of sound and can reproduce the exact sound scene that leaves goosebumps and a sensational feel to the listeners. 

In the patent, Apple has come up with this binaural recording through the spatial rendering of audio inputs. It can be done through the Head Related Transfer Functions. It will help to modify the sound signal to induce the listeners’ perception. The sound signal will originate from any point in space.  Added, the company also has compelling VR applications that will interact with the user both visibly and audibly in a virtual environment. As far as the implementation has been concerned, the Apple iPhone leads no trace of misleading as they are fully focused on giving a treasure to their customers. But there is no word on the release date of the product. For now, we will sit back and wait for Apple to give us another hint about its future track.

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